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Here are some great facts on the skeleton from our Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course.


The skeletal system consists of two main types of connective tissue:

Bones and cartilage.


Our skeleton is classified in two sections:

The axial skeleton – consists of the bones that form the main frame or axis: the spine, ribs and skull

The appendicular skeleton – the bones that attach to the main frame (the appendages): upper and lower limbs, pelvic and shoulder girdles


There are 206 bones in the skeleton and they are classified according to their formation and shape as:


Long Bone – longer than they are wide. eg: Humerus, Femur

Short Bone –
normally cube shaped. eg: Carpals, Tarsals

Flat Bone –
plate like in shape and structure. eg: Scapula, sternum

Irregular Bone –
complex in shape. eg: Vertebrae, calcaneus

Sesamoid Bone –
bones located within a tendon. eg: Patella


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