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Enrolled on one of of courses and looking to get a head start?  Or maybe you are thinking of enrolling and curious to know the areas you will be learning about?  You may just be interested in how the body works?

Whichever of these you are, have a look at the links below, they are a fantastic resource for finding out more about how the body works.



Start off by getting an understanding of the anatomy of the cardiovascular system.  Once you have a basic understanding (you don’t need to know everything, just get an understanding of the fundamentals), have a look at the respiratory system and the mechanisms of breathing.

Once you have grasped the fundamentals, take a look at things that can go wrong with the cardiovascular/circulatory system: asthma, hypertension and COPD are common pathologies that you will come across in the fitness industry.



The skeletal system is our foundation for movement, and whilst in the fitness industry we do not really have any interaction with the skeleton directly, it is important to get a good overview of the skeletal system.

It is then worth getting an understanding of problems that fitness professional may encounter with the skeletal system, at some point in your fitness career you will probably come across people with fractures, osteoarthritisosteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis (just watch the first 4 minutes of this video).



The muscular system is perhaps the area where fitness professionals work with the most.  It is good to get an understanding of the different types of muscle, the structure of skeletal muscle and how skeletal muscle contracts.



The nervous system is our body’s operating system – it contains our software and our wiring.  An important component of the nervous system for fitness professionals to get an understanding of is the motor unit.



Now for perhaps the most complicated part of understanding how the body works when it comes to fitness and exercise…….energy systems! (it’s worth checking out this video to)


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